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32 Lessons I’ve Learned In 32 Years

Today is my 32nd birthday.

I feel as if I have finally reached the age where I could care less about these annul events. I have had my drivers license now for half my life and my classmates from college are planning our 10 year reunion. Neither of these events see like they should be happening yet. And yes, I realize that this is only the beginning.

Realizing the time that has passed, and that time that will continue to do so, I have taken this day to reflect on what I feel I have learned so far about life. Thanks for indulging my introspection as I catalog some of these lessons. I hope that you may find some of them to be valuable to you.

  1. Be the person you were made to be right now. Hiding your true self out of fear, shame, or self-doubt will not make the real you go away. The desire to follow your passion will only get stronger. The farther way you get from your true purpose, the less happy you will be. I felt ashamed of my creativity for years, probably because I was teased so badly for it when I was a child.
  2. You have nothing to worry about. No amount of worry will change the outcome of a situation for the better, but over-reactions made while worried could affect it negatively.
  3. Know the person you’re going to marry very, very well before committing your life to them.
  4. Love others for who they are, even if you despise what they do or what they stand for. This isn’t easy.
  5. Before food was marketed to us using emotions, things like chemical sweeteners and artificial cheese flavoring would have been thought of as disgusting. They still are. Don’t be sold food that you don’t really want, and know what you’re putting in your body.
  6. Learn to quiet your mind. A quiet mind is where inner peace is found.
  7. God is far bigger than the fatherly looking human we try to imagine Him as.
  8. Don’t trust anything the government, a politician or the media tells you. Research and verify.
  9. Creativity is found in solitude.
  10. If King Solomon, the richest man who ever lived, couldn’t find happiness in money, fame, or possessions, neither will I. Enjoy everything but be attached to nothing. Don’t think you’ll find happiness by chasing after the wind.
  11. Go with the flow. The more detailed the plans, the more chances for something to go wrong.
  12. Freedom is something that you are, not something that you’re given or allowed to have. Don’t willingly give away any part of this freedom or you will never get it back.
  13. The more horrendous the things that happen to you in childhood, the stronger the person you have the ability to become.
  14. More gets done when you shape and mold the things that are going to happen anyway, than if you force your own agenda.
  15. Complaining a terrible waste of breath. It reminds you of whatever your problem is, and keeps you focused on it, all while dragging someone else into your misery.
  16. Beer is cheaper than water in Austria. And warmer. Such a waste of a good opportunity.
  17. It’s worth a few extra dollars to shop locally and support the families who are taking the risk of business ownership over the security of a salary.
  18. Live by rules instead of setting goals. Rules are about right now, and if you fail, your failure is already in the past. Goals are focused on a future that we cannot control.
  19. Great poetry doesn’t have to rhyme.
  20. Buy high quality. If you can’t afford high quality, buy the least expensive temporary fix possible and save up to buy the high quality item that will last.
  21. Flip flops and bocce ball don’t mix.
  22. You’re not missing out. If you don’t get to (or want to) do everything that everyone else does, that’s okay.
  23. You aren’t responsible for the happiness of others. Just be a bright spot in their day.
  24. You can’t motivate people. The best you can hope for is to live in a way that inspires them.
  25. If everyone else is already investing in something, it’s probably not a good time to start.
  26. Most of the things men and boys tease other men and boys about are just insecurities.
  27. Don’t judge, lest you be judged. Live and let live.
  28. Wasabi cures a stuffy nose better than anything you’ll get at Walgreens.
  29. The sun doesn’t sizzle when it sets into the ocean. It is still fun to listen for it, just in case.
  30. Don’t be so busy. Throw out the to do list and all of the meaningless time wasters on it. Focus on what you love and do it lovingly.
  31. Let go of expectations. When you expect something out of someone or something else, you put it into a predetermined box, defining an outcome over which you have no control. This is the cause of all frustration and disappointment.
  32. Your subconscious mind controls most of your actions. It is the root of everything that holds you back and holds the keys to everything you want. Learn as much about it as you can.

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