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How To Stay Highly Motivated When Pursuing Your Goals

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Have you ever lost motivation while pursuing a goal? Affirmations can help to keep your motivation level high.

An affirmation, to put it simply, is a short statement expressing your goal as if it is already complete.

We’ve discussed the power of goals have on our subconscious mind, and how a goal can put our mind to work finding solutions to problems, drawing us closer to achievement of the goal.

Affirmations put this effect into overdrive by forcing us to imagine the goal as if it has already been completed. It helps to throw in a couple of feeling or action words.

For example, if my goal was to weigh 190 pounds by October 1, 2013. An affirmation for that goal might be: “Today is October 1, 2013. I feel incredible knowing that I have reached my ideal weight of 190 pounds.”

What happens in your subconscious when you are telling yourself that you’ve already done something that you haven’t actually done? It creates an unresolved problem, and your mind will work to make that statement true. Remember the law of attraction, that says that we get more of what we think about?

This law is at work in your life right now. Most of us just don’t realize it. We think that our thoughts are a result of our physical state, when in fact, the opposite is true. Our physical state is a result of our thoughts. Everything you are experiencing right now is a result of a thought, belief, or assumption you’ve made about yourself.

If you’re feeling happy, you might think it’s because good things have happened recently. But if you had been grouchy, would those same good things have happened? Or might things have turned out differently if you had behaved differently?

Affirmations use this truth to change our physical state into one that we choose.  Knowing that we can influence outcomes by putting ourselves in the right frame of mind, if we change our thoughts, we can change our outcomes.

When we set new goals, they are almost always exciting to us, because at the time, we feel the hope, the excitement and the passion for achieving something new. But those feelings can fade over time when we start getting into the daily work of achievement. Setting affirmations now will help keep your mind in the same place it is right now.

When we set affirmations before we start working on our goals, we’re capturing this excitement and passion that we have when goals are new. They allow us to keep the same motivation to achieve throughout the pursuit of our goal that we had when we were just getting started.

It’s tempting, when setting a new goal, to just dive in and start working. And that passion is admirable. However, taking a short pause to complete this step will allow you to work longer, harder, and maintain this level of motivation long past the beginning stages, when motivation is easy.

Your affirmations will become an important part of the achiever’s perfect day, which I’ll be outlining very soon. You’ll be repeating these affirmations daily, which does a couple of very important things for you.

The daily repetition will keep your focus on your goals. Repeating them to yourself daily will remind you of what you have decided to make a priority in your life.

Also, when you tell yourself daily about how you’re going to feel when you’ve accomplished your goals, it builds excitement. These goals that you’ve set throughout this series are things that are fulfilling a vision and a purpose for you and for your life. How exciting will it be when they’re accomplished? When you’re reminding yourself of this excitement every day, your days will begin to fill with a burning desire to make that feeling of accomplishment a reality.

You’ll write out an affirmation for each of your goals. I suggest recording them in a couple of different ways.

First, type them into a new document that you can print. Print a couple copies and hang them where ever you will see them daily. Next to your bathroom mirror and on your refrigerator for example.

Then, write each of them out on it’s own 3×5 index card. These cards are the perfect size to carry around in a pocket, a purse, or a briefcase. You can easily pull them out and review them when you have time.

Today’s Action Step

Look at each of the goals you’ve chosen to actively work on. Now close your eyes and imagine the feelings you’ll have when you’ve accomplished it. Allow yourself to feel the feelings you’ll feel. Imagine what others will say to you. Imagine the celebration you’ll have.

Now, as concisely as possible, put those feelings into a short one or two sentence statement, describing your goal as completed, and describing these feelings. Write them down as I described above and repeat them to yourself daily at least twice. I recommend once in the morning, and once right before you close your eyes to go to bed.

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Have a joyful day!

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