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The Single Most Important Step In Achieving Goals You’ve Failed At Before

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Now that you’ve written out a bucket list, you should be starting to feel some excitement about moving towards your passions and dreams. Isn’t it exciting to look at the list of things you want to do in your life?

Now, I’d like you to go back through this list to see if you’ve stated all of your goals in positive terms.

The words in your goals are almost as important as the goals themselves. As we discussed earlier, your subconscious mind is activated by the words that you use.

Any goal can be written in the positive, but it can take some creativity to do so! Here are a couple of examples.

Negative Goal: Quit eating junk food.

Positive Restatement: Plan healthy meals and carry healthy snacks with me at all times.

Negative Goal: Stop smoking so I don’t get cancer.

Positive Restatement: Breathe only clean air into my lungs.

When our subconscious hears “smoking” or “junk food” guess what it starts to turn your thoughts toward? Smoking and junk food! Successful changes in habits don’t come from quitting, avoiding or losing. They come from replacing a bad behavior with a good one.

This simple little change in your thought patterns can help you achieve goals that you’ve failed at over, and over, and over. In fact, when you look through the list of your goals, I bet you’ll find that the areas you’ve struggled with in the past are areas that you have been focusing your thoughts on what you want to stop, rather than what you want to achieve.

You can’t lose weight when you’re focused on what you weigh. You can’t stop smoking when you’re focused on smoking. You can’t stop looking at your phone in social situations when you’re focused on your phone!

We don’t stop things, we start things. We don’t lose things, we gain things. The human mind is one of accomplishment and achievement, so let’s make sure we give it lots to achieve!

Today’s Action Step

As we move forward, we’ll be It’s absolutely critical that all of your goals be worded positively. So today, go back through that bucket list of yours and find any goals that need to be rewritten in positive terms.

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Have a joyful day!

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