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You Need A Personal Assistant

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How many things do you spend your time on that could be done by someone else?

When you’re setting new goals, you need to have time to accomplish those goals. We spend an awful lot of time doing very menial tasks. Tasks that could easily be done by someone else entirely.

Since we only have a limited amount of time each day, you are making a statement about how you value your time when you choose to invest it in a particular activity. If you could be paying someone $10/hour or less to do a task that you’re doing yourself, but you choose to do it yourself anyway, that’s the value you are assigning to your time.

Would you pay $10 for an extra hour with your family? Would you pay $10 for an extra hour to be productive at your job? Would you pay $10 to get tasks done that allow you time to spend volunteering for a charity that fills your heart and mind with love and gratitude? If you’re choosing to spend an hour running to pick up the dry cleaning and pick up a few things at Target, you’ve made a statement that picking up dry cleaning and shopping are more important to you than your goals.

Yes, I’m saying that you need a personal assistant, because if you’re spending your time doing things that are not integral to your life goals, you’re wasting your time.

How does a CEO create value beyond himself? By having other people doing the work so he can think about big picture issues. If the CEO was answering phone calls from angry customers in one of the call centers, is he providing real value to his company?

You are the CEO of your life, not a call center operator.

You might be thinking right now that your life doesn’t require a personal assistant, or that you couldn’t give up control over your life to another person. But you’re not handing over your core responsibilities to this person. You’re not saying, “today, I want you to train for my marathon for me, meet with my clients, and study chapter 8 of Romans for my bible study.” You’re saying, run to the grocery store and pick up bread, milk, and eggs, so I can train for my marathon, meet with clients and study chapter 8 of Romans.”

So what if he picks up the wrong kind of bread. So what if he gets 1% milk instead of skim? What’s more important? Having time to do the things that you want to do, or eating a few slices of a different brand of bread?

The tasks you spend time on are not as complicated as you probably make them out to be. And they probably take more time than you really think. That task that you think only you can do, but it’s okay because it will only take a minute? By the time you’ve done it, it really took 10 minutes. And most tasks on most to-do lists can be done by a ninth grader.

There’s a college student or a stay at home mom somewhere within 10 minutes of your house that would be happy to have the extra few dollars. And you’ll be happy to have the extra time.

There are volumes written on how to select the right personal assistant, things that they can do for you, and how to effectively train and delegate to an assistant. Read them, learn from them, and use them. It takes practice to delegate and outsource your personal life. But doing so opens up worlds of possibilities.

Today’s Action Step

Write down 10 things that take your time that you would have been qualified to do when you were 14. Give an honest assessment of the amount of time those things take each week and total it up. Multiply the total number of hours by $10. Would you pay that amount of money to have all of those things out of your way so that you can focus on your new goals?

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Have a joyful day!

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