I've had a few people ask why I decided to lease a studio rather than just working out of my house. It definitely wasn't a decision I took lightly. In fact, I've wanted to write music for years, and one of the things that held me back the most was thinking that I could do this from home. But if that was going to work for me, it would have worked by now. I started really thinking about the specific reasons, and decided to share them here. 


First of all, I need privacy for creative work. If people are listening to me when I'm singing, I just can't fully put myself into it. I'm always so tuned in to other people that I end up performing for them rather than putting the effort into getting better. I have to be isolated to practice, then interact with people to stimulate new ideas. I have lots of interaction with people in my life, but not enough isolation to allow the mental space for creativity. 

Carl Jung had a house in the woods where he would study and write for weeks or months on end. Charles Dickens walked over 12 miles a day by himself. Thoreau would go on aimless wanders in the woods. An endless number of authors have done their best work in little cabins in the woods. 

The noises at home are enough to keep me from really immersing myself into the task of writing music. But the noises in my head are ten times stronger. So I decided to build a studio. 


A good friend of mine introduced me to the concept of getting leverage on yourself. I hadn't ever heard the term, but I'd definitely experienced it. 

When I started my current business, I went all in. I leased a big office. Hired employees. Bought furniture. I had bills to pay, and I had to produce. And produce I did. 

I have a tendency to have lots of big ideas and very little follow through. I blame extraverted intuition. As I've come to understand myself better, I've realized that I'm much more motivated to think about concepts than I am to take action. I've also learned that it takes pressure to get me to take action. 

So when I made the commitment to myself to pursue music full-throttle, I knew I needed to get leverage on myself. The studio is leverage. So is creating this website and blog, and telling everyone I know about my plans. Having people ask me daily about my progress and my music is definitely a motivator. I want to create something great to share with everyone I know. 


I also understand the value of connections. Music is a business and an art. Collaboration is important on both sides of that equation. 

Having a studio will give me a place to meet with other musicians and rehearse and co-write music. To make noise at midnight laughing and playing guitars. It'll also give me a place to work on the business side of my music. 

Home is where all of the bills get paid, the dinner gets cooked, and the hard conversations about life get had. My studio will be free of all of those things. When I am there, it will be all about the music, and the people that make the music happen. 


Self awareness is such an important part of everything in life, and I know enough about myself to understand how to make myself move, in spite of my tendency towards inaction. I need to be all in on something. I need to be committed and make it hard on myself to quit. 

So, I'm leasing a studio. I'll be sharing some pictures soon, so make sure to follow me on instagram or facebook! 

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