This Shit Is Hard

I'm four months into this year, where I planned to refocus my life around music and performing. So far, I've accomplished almost nothing. This shit is hard. 

I thought I had my life in a place where money and bills and work had all taken their places down my priority list. They haven't. My life has been overrun since the very beginning of the year with setback after setback. Every time I overcome one, another one takes its place. I keep getting back up, then getting knocked down again. But I won't stop getting up. 

I'm convinced that there's a way to do this. To start building out a meaningful life focused on my passion in the midst of my current one. I'm going to find a way, even if it kicks my ass. I'm going to do it, and I'm going to show you that it can be done. 

This might take some time. Its going to be harder than I thought. I refuse to back down. 

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